5 Dangers of Hiring a Cheap Roofing Contractor

Are you looking for a roofing contractor to fix a leak in your roof or to completely replace it? Are you attempting to hire one solely focused on price? If so, you’re undoubtedly looking for the least expensive contractor in your neighborhood.  

Beware: employing a cheap one may result in a number of issues that will stress and give you headaches. But what dangers are these?  

For the past 35 years, the staff at Roof Rescue has provided the people of San Antonio with top-notch roofing services. We are aware of what it takes to provide you with a roof that will last for decades. You won’t ever have to worry about your roof again if you deal with us. 

1.When an issue arises, the roofing contractor might not be available. 

It’s likely that the prices charged by a more recent roofing firm, one that is only a few years old, will be the lowest in your neighborhood. Because of their low prices, these young roofing firms may seem alluring to work with, but the problem is that they lack the knowledge necessary to accurately price tasks so that they have retained earnings at the end of the year to see them through the winter. 

When this happens, the less expensive roofing firm will go out of business, leaving your roof investment unprotected over the long run. Not that there aren’t any competent, young businesses in your community. 

However, you want to ensure that the business will be around to handle your roof investment and any issues that arise five years from now. It’s essential to work with a local roofing contractor who is well-established and has a proven track record in your area if you want to receive the best roofing services possible. 

2.What you pay for in a roof is what you get. 

It will cost more to invest in a roof system because quality labor, roofing materials, and components are more expensive. I recognize that everyone is on a budget, but if you select the least expensive roofing contractor, your roof’s quality will suffer as a result. 

For instance, they might economize by skipping the installation of essential elements like drip edge and underlayment. Whatever important installation stages they omit, the end result will be roof leaks and extra anxiety for you. 

The cheapest labor and parts are what you’ll receive if you hire a cheap contractor, which immediately puts your roof at risk for premature failure. That makes making a great investment early on crucial whether you require maintenance or a complete roof replacement. 

3. By using subpar workmanship, you’ll end up spending more money overall.

Keep in mind that the finished quality of your roof will suffer if you choose the cheapest roofing contractor. It can seem like your only option is to get the most affordable roof imaginable, but a roof is an investment. 

After investing thousands of dollars in a new roof, the last thing you want to do is incur additional expenses. That’s exactly what will happen if you employ a cheap roofing contractor, and you’ll have roof issues sooner rather than later. 

Even though these issues might not become evident right away, in the long term you’ll end up paying more money on repairs and eventually a new roof. 

4. The lifespan of your roof will be cut short. 

I can assure you that the lifespan of your roof will not be as long as the contractor promised if you hire them because of their low price. 

A three-tab asphalt shingle roof, for instance, lasts for about 30 years. You won’t get anything close to this longevity if you work with the cheapest roofing contractor. 

This is because your roof will be installed using the least expensive materials and labor available. This will result in incorrect roof installation and other issues, which will inevitably cause an early roof failure. 

They might take short cuts, employ improper roofing methods, or neglect to examine your attic’s ventilation. Hiring a cheap roofing firm might not result in problems appearing immediately away, but eventually your roof will develop leaks. 

5. The finest possible roof warranties are not provided to you. 

You’ll have two warranties when you purchase a new roof. You will receive two warranties: one on the work of the contractor and one from the manufacturer of your roofing materials. 

If you install a dimensional asphalt shingle roof and utilize all of the roofing materials recommended by the manufacturer, you can register your roof with them to get the extended guarantee. This warranty promises that if there is a flaw in their materials, they’ll cover labor, materials, and disposal costs prorated for 50 years. 

However, I can assure you that you will not be eligible for the increased warranty if you employ a contractor because of their low costs. Even if you manage to be eligible for this guarantee, it’s very possible that incorrect installation or insufficient attic ventilation may lead it to be voided. 

This only leaves the craftsmanship warranty of the low-cost roofing contractor. Because you chose the least expensive provider, your warranty may range from a tail light warranty (if the tail lights on their corporate truck disappear, your guarantee ends), to a two-year, or even a five-year warranty. 

It’s quite uncommon that a contractor will extend their workmanship warranty past five years for something they are aware will have ongoing issues in the future. They merely wish to complete the warranty period before your roof completely breaks and they are forced to foot the bill for repairs. 

Finding a Reputable Roofing Company. 

I can assure you that if you choose a roofing contractor only primarily on budget, your roof will experience problems and cause you hassles. 

How can you locate a trustworthy roofing contractor in your region if you shouldn’t pick one solely on their prices? Well, that’s where Roof Rescue comes in to save the day! We take pride in our work and won’t let you down when an issue arises. Roof Rescue will provide the service you’ll want to have for years to come. 

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