How Do Gutters Protect Your Home?

Gutters protect your home

How Do Gutters Protect Your Home?

Considering adding new gutters to your home? Learn more from our roofing experts on the benefits of gutters and how they work to protect your home.

Below you will learn more about how gutters work, how they protect your home and understand the types of gutter options available.

Firstly, how do gutters work?


Gutters protect your home
Want to learn how to protect your roof?

Essentially, gutters capture rainwater and any debris flowing down from your roof and direct it safely away from any entry points to your home. When it rains, the water along with any leaves or debris on your roof, runs down the slope of your roof and into the gutters. After the water is collected in the gutters, it flows through to the downspouts. The downspouts direct water down safely along your home. When installed correctly, the downspouts should expel water in a location that most safely protects the foundation of your home. Often a splash block is installed at the end of the downspout to further direct water in a more desirable direction.

Another addition homeowners often include in their gutter installation is a gutter screen or a gutter guard. A gutter screen is a mesh covering that covers the top of the gutter to prevent large debris and leaves from moving into the gutter system. Whereas a gutter guard is a more rigid cover of the gutter that further prevents even smaller debris and leaves from getting into the gutter.


Next, let’s learn more about how your gutters work to protect your home.


The gutter system is basically a traffic system that directs water away from potentially dangerous places. Think of the gutters as roads that drive water safely away from areas where water could cause damage. As gravity pulls water down the slope of your roof,  water can get trapped in your roof causing the decking to rot, create shingle degradation, increase rust on a metal roof or allow mold and algae to grow on your roof. These issues are just the beginning of the water related problems on your roof. Once rot, deterioration, and mold have set in it can cause your shingles, soffit, fascia and siding to quickly weaken and allow water into your home. These leaks, when unaddressed, can quickly lead to massive mold spread in your insulation and home. Thus, polluting the air you and your family breathe.

At Roof Rescue, We Believe that properly installed, clean gutters prevent water damage to your home. In order to best serve all our customers, your professional roofing technician will always inspect your gutters to make recommendations for proper gutter installation and maintenance.


What can cause gutters to not work properly?


Even with gutters installed, water can still damage your roof if gutters are not properly maintained or if damaged. When debris builds up,  the water cannot flow properly through the gutters. This poses more damage to your roof and higher risk of soffit rot or damage because of the pooled moisture at the gutter point. Additionally, high winds and heavy storms can misalign your gutter system which will disrupt the flow of water away from your roof.

It’s helpful to find a reliable local roofing contractor that will provide regular maintenance of your gutters. Often, the lower cost regular maintenance of your gutters will not only protect your home but decrease the likelihood of a high cost repair or replacement down the road.

Now you know more about what role gutters play in protecting your home, learn more about types of gutter options available to you!


  • K-Style Rain Gutters

The most common type of gutters for modern homes. These gutters are nailed directly to the fascia of your home and their structure resembles that of a K shape from a profile view. These gutters are more aesthetically pleasing because they resemble crown molding. K-Style rain gutters protect your home well because of the flat bottom and angled sides that enables them to carry more water off the roof. One downside of this style is that they are harder to clean as the inside angles more easily collect debris.

K- Gutter aluminum gutters

  • Fascia Gutters

These gutters tend to be higher on the cost spectrum but look more seamless on your home. These gutters are custom fitted to your home and made from aluminum. These are a great option for higher end homes that want to achieve a more seamless look.


  • Half-Round Gutters

This type of gutter use a trough like shape to capture and carry water. These look exactly like their name describes and are commonly seen on homes built prior to 1960. This type of gutter is very susceptible to leaf debris and clogging. Ask your local roofing specialist about their recommendations on how well these gutters do in your area!


  • Aluminum Gutters

The most common gutter material. It is very customizable coming in 5” and 6” gutters with the availability to come in many colors and the option to paint. Aluminum is also very water and weather resistant allowing it to have a lifetime of up to about 25 years! The only downside of these types of these gutters is they can rust if not properly maintained.


You know all about how gutters protect your home, now what?


You’re an educated homeowner and want to protect your home with efficient gutters but don’t know what to do next? Here is what we suggest!

  • If you do not currently have gutters on your home, call your local roofer or gutter company to come inspect your home and estimate the cost to install gutters on your home!
  • If you do have gutters check the following-
    • Are there any visible signs of rust or cracks in your gutters
    • Can you see debris or leaves collecting in your gutters
    • The age of your existing gutters, the recommended age for replacement is 20-25 years
    • Get on an annual gutter maintenance plan to initiate a low cost prevention plan to protect your home from larger cost damage down the road!Roof Rescue can help with all your gutter needs!

Your San Antonio Roof Rescue team, always strives to provide the highest quality work with a quick deadline. If you are looking for the best in San Antonio gutters, call Roof Rescue today!

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