How Do I Know When to Replace My Shingle Roof?

How do I know when to replace my shingle roof? 

Your roof may be leaking. If this is the case, you may ask yourself, how do I know when to replace my shingle roof? 

However, just because your roof is dripping doesn’t necessarily mean you need to replace it entirely. So, when should your roof be replaced? Not everyone will have the same response to that question. 

For at least 25 years, Roof Rescue has been replacing roofs in San Antonio and the surrounding areas. We are aware of what is necessary to provide you with a roof replacement that will provide you with years of comfort. 

The age of your asphalt roof is around 20 years. 

How many years you use a roof is how long it lasts. That equates to 25 years for a typical 3-tab asphalt shingle roof. 

If your roof has been built and ventilated properly, it should last pretty much that long (25 years). Therefore, it is evident that you want to replace your roof before it begins to leak or fully fails. 

Around 80–85% of the roof’s manufacturer-specified life, a reliable roofing contractor will advise that you replace the roof. For instance, around the 20-year mark, you should think about replacing a 25-year roof. 

Don’t wait until it’s too late; take action now to avoid any problems down the road and replace your roof. 

Your shingle roof breaks down too soon. 

The manufacturer’s recommended lifespan applies to the roofing materials you use. There are instances where a roof prematurely degrades and requires replacement before it really should. 

Improper roof installation and insufficient attic ventilation are two of the primary reasons for premature roof failure. 

When your roof wasn’t put properly, you may notice shingles in your yard or even whole portions of your roof sliding off. The damage caused by the cold and heat buildup in an unventilated attic will significantly reduce the lifespan of your roof. 

Be advised that improper ventilation or installation will void the manufacturer’s guarantee on your roofing materials. This means that the only option left for you to replace your prematurely failed roof is the workmanship warranty provided by your contractor. 

Storm damage to your asphalt roof. 

The type of storms your roof experiences and the weather where you live both affect how much wear and tear it endures. But there are other weather-related concerns you should be aware of as well. 

Although it might seem obvious, severe storm damage (tornado, wind, hail) will also necessitate a new roof. You’ll need a new roof if strong winds blow through and pull off your shingles or if a tree crashes on it. 

If you have a metal roof system, hail damage to your metal panels could necessitate a replacement if the metal’s integrity is lost. However, hail must damage the soft metals on your roof, such as the downspouts, gutters, vents, or flashing, for a shingle roof to need replacement. 

Discover all there is to know about replacing your shingle roof. 

You are now aware of the need for and timing of roof replacement. Every roof replacement, as I mentioned earlier, needs to be done at the appropriate time. 

For no two persons will the perfect time be the same. If you need to replace it in order to sell your house, now might be the ideal moment as you’re almost at the 20-year threshold. 

What should you do now that you are aware of the telltale symptoms that a shingle roof needs to be replaced? The following action is to learn as much as you can about roof replacement. However, there is a ton of information available. 

Fortunately, the crew at Roof Rescue has spent the last 25 years giving San Antonio homeowners high-quality roof replacements. We provide a low-pressure sales procedure that emphasizes your education. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us to start the roof replacement procedure if you live in San Antonio. 

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