What Does It Cost to Repair My Leaking Roof?

What Does It Cost to Repair My Leaking Roof ?

Leaking roof? Don’t know what to do and you are overwhelmed about the potential cost to repair a leaking roof?

Well, you’re in the right place!

It’s overwhelming when your roof leaks. The cost of repairing your leaking roof can seem daunting because you don’t even have a baseline or know the extent of the damage. You might be concerned with the harm it is doing to your house and how to address it as soon as feasible. However, the expense to you is probably what worries you the most. So, let’s see what the cost is of repairing a leaking roof.

We at Roof Rescue respond to challenging inquiries that other roofing firms don’t want to. To help you budget for roof repairs, we’ll estimate how much it will cost. Ultimately, the price of roof repairs depends on your contractor’s overhead, the intricacy, accessibility, pitch, and other factors of the roof.

In this blog we will go over all of the things that could cause roof leaks. We broke down the cost of repairing roof leaks so you don’t have to!

Poorly Inserted Nails 

The head of a nail will climb back up through the shingle if it isn’t hammered in all the way or is nailed in the wrong direction. Water will follow the nail inside when it rains because it will hug the head as it descends from your roof. The roofer will need to remove the nail, lift the shingle up, break the seal on it, and reposition it in order to fix the leak.

Repair your leaking roof
The metal flashing is lifted due to nails not properly nailed down.

If the nail wasn’t put in straight, it will need to be pulled out, put in correctly, and then covered with an ice and water protection. They will also reseal the shingle if the nail managed to go through it. It is simply a matter of repositioning the nail to catch the rafter if the decking nail did not strike any wood. The shingle will then be sealed again once the nail hole has been filled with some sort of cement.

This is one of the minimal service charge repairs for your leaking roof. If there aren’t too many backed out nails (5-10), you should be able to repair this leak for roughly $325- $500.

Pipe Boot Malfunctions

Repair your leaking roof
This is an old pipe boot flashing. It is faded and falling apart.

Another cause for leaking roof might be a pipe boot malfunction. A boot-style roof flashing wraps around the base of the pipes emerging from your roof and insulates them. A roofer may utilize a variety of boot flashings, including those made of lead, plastic, copper, etc.

A synthetic rubber neoprene pipe boot is the type of flashing I encounter malfunctions with the most. Water will flow into a closet, kitchen, bathroom, or wherever the pipe exits on your roof once it splits due to UV rays over time.

Installing a little rubber collar over the top of the worn-out, cracked neoprene pipe boot is the easiest approach to stop the leak. The flange will be enclosed by the collar. Depending on the style of your roof and the type of house you have, it could cost up to $400 or more to fix this leak if your roof is steep and difficult to access.

Leaky Gas Vents 

Repair your leaking roof
The rubber boot on this Gas Pipe Vent is deteriorated and needs to be replaced.

While they ensure that any carbon monoxide produced by gas equipment vents through the roof, gas vents are crucial. Most of the time, HVAC technicians who install these vents place a collar over an unsealed pipe and flange in the mistaken belief that it will instantly shed the rain off it. This operates normally in most situations. A severe downpour, though, can cause water to splash under the collar and drip down the pipe.

Your roof technician will need to carefully raise the metal collar up, seal it with a caulk of a dark color, and then slip the metal collar back down into the sealer to fix this leak. Roofers must exercise extreme caution when attempting to fix this leak to prevent carbon monoxide from entering the home due to the significance of these pipes. This repair will cost between $400 and $600 per gas vent, depending on how steep and challenging the roof is to access. The longer time it takes to fix the leak the more it will cost.

Chimney Deterioration

Repair the chimney flashing
This is what a poorly installed chimney flashing looks like.
Proper chimney wall flashing
This is the new and properly installed chimney wall flashing.

A chimney can leak in several ways. It may be the metal flashing that is tucked under the chimney’s shingles. The mortar joints may be the problem if it’s brick. Another possibility is that water is dripping from the chimney’s top. Water may enter the corners where the chimney siding butts into the corner boards if such is the case. The planks behind the chimney that you cannot see can decay just as easily as those boards.

Every chimney is unique. The expense of these repairs increases with the size of the chimney. Re-flashing around the chimney begins at about $500. The cost to seal the mortar joints with a premium masonry water repellent range from $500 to $2,500. The cost to replace the old siding might range from $500 to $4,000.

Finding a Roofing Contractor 

Keep in mind that these are only rough estimates for the cost to repair your leaking roof. These fixes can help your roof last longer and keep you from having to replace it sooner than necessary. However, if you choose the improper roofing contractor, these repairs won’t help and can potentially make your home and roof worse.

With our excellent roof repairs, the staff at Roof Rescue has contributed to the longevity of roofs all around San Antonio. If you need assistance with any roofing problems and you live in San Antonio, don’t hesitate to call us.

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