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How Long Does It Take to Replace My Roof?

Is the time approaching for you to replace your asphalt roof? If so, you may be pondering the length of time it will take to finish your replacement. We’re going to break it down because we want every homeowner to understand their anticipated roof replacement timeline!

Roof Replacement

In San Antonio and the surrounding areas, the crew at Roof Rescue has offered top-notch roofing replacement services. We work hard to provide you with a unique roofing experience through integrity and knowledge. Here’s a list of the things we are going to cover.

  • Turnaround Time
  • What Season we are in
  • Level of Complexity
  • Ease of access to your Roof
  • Weather Conditions

What is the turnaround time for a roof replacement?

There will never be two roof replacements that are alike. This indicates that your replacement roof will take longer to complete than that of your neighbor’s home or the other homes in your community. What is the estimated time frame for replacing your asphalt roof? Your asphalt shingle roof can be replaced in a day or two if the weather is cooperative and it is a regular size (3,000 square feet or less). In the worst-case scenario, it can take three to five days. For a metal and tile roof replacement, this process usually takes 7-14 days. These types of roof require a higher level of skill and precision as

It can even take up to three weeks if you have a large house with a complicated roof that is difficult to access. However, if you live in a typical-sized (middle-class) home, you can usually have your asphalt roof redone in a day or two.

The season in which your roof is replaced.

The more time your local roofing contractor has to work on your roof, the longer it will stay lighter outdoors. The length of time it takes to replace your asphalt roof is therefore greatly influenced by the time of year. Since we spring forward after the winter, March is when the year really picks up for roofing contractors because the days are longer outside. Installers can spend more time on your asphalt roof thanks to these increased production hours, hastening the completion of your replacement.

The additional sunshine might speed up the completion of your asphalt roof replacement even if your roof is big and complicated. Wintertime is when the opposite occurs. Longer timelines result from the sun setting earlier. It can take an extra day to finish the process if you replace your asphalt roof during this time.

The complexity of your roof structure.

Your asphalt roof’s intricacy can be attributed to the way it is divided, including the amount of facets, angles, hips, valleys, and its pitch. The more complicated the roof project, the longer your project takes. For instance, replacing a simple asphalt roof with two or four roof facets is far easier and quicker than replacing a roof with a high number of facets cut up at various angles, hips, valleys, and a steep pitch.

The complexity of a roof is also influenced by the safety precautions the contractor must take. The higher off the ground, the more safety precautions your contractor will have to take. OSHA dictates roofers proceed slowly and cautiously for their own safety. Higher levels of caution dictate longer timelines. Complexity influences both the price and the length of time it will take to replace your asphalt roof.

The ease of access to your roof.

Accessibility to your roof for contractors is very important. A clear path for workers, a dumpster, ladders or other equipment is imperative. In order to remove the old roof, load the removed materials into a dump truck, and then transport the new materials back up to the roof for installation, access is essential for your roof replacement. The more difficult it is to get access to your roof to execute the tasks listed in this paragraph, the longer it will take to replace your asphalt roof.

For instance, it will take longer to repair a roof on a house with rows of bushes, a fence, and no paved space close to the access point. This time could postpone the project by several hours or even a day.

Weather conditions on the day(s) you replace your roof.

You must replace your asphalt roof under the proper circumstances. Roof work cannot happen when it is raining, snowing, freezing outside, or when it is too hot. Your asphalt roof will not be installed properly if it is replaced under any of these circumstances. In light of this, the weather has an impact on both the length of time it will take to replace your asphalt roof and the availability of that time.

Your roofing contractor won’t repair your asphalt roof if it’s too hot or too cold; instead, they’ll wait until the weather returns to its ideal range. Roof replacement will be delayed if rain is forecasted. If it rains while they are replacing your asphalt roof, they will tarp your roof to protect your house and continue when it is dry enough to work on it.

What can you do to get ready for the replacement of your roof?

An asphalt roof typically can be replaced in just one day but check with your local roofing contractor to learn more about the unique roof on your home. You now have a clearer knowledge of the roof replacement procedure after reading this. Still, there are a few things you should know before the day of your roof replacement.

Residents of San Antonio and the surrounding areas have received replacement asphalt roofs of the highest caliber from the crew at Roof Rescue. With our help, your roof will never again be a source of concern.

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