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Will Hawkins Roof Rescue

Will Hawkins

I started this company because I live in San Antonio and realized we need a roofing company that not only repairs and replaces roofs, but is a one-call, one-stop shop for everything else connected to roof health - like attic ventilation, gutters, chimneys and even structural reconstruction, with training focused on old-fashioned customer service!
I’ve been building home services companies for almost 40 years now, like Will-Fix-It and Will’s All Pro (you’ve probably heard me on the radio) so I know what you want in a service company:
  • Showing up to your house on time!
  • Listening to your concerns
  • Empowering you with our transparency
  • Giving you upfront price quotes
  • Offering you a full-range of services with real choices
  • Saying what we will do, and then doing what we say
  • Getting your job done cleanly, and quickly (in days, not weeks!)
THAT’S the company I want to take care of MY home. But I am not a roof expert. That’s why I partnered up with a genius roof geek, named David . . .

The Expert

David from Roof Rescue, San Antonio roofing expert

David Davis, Jr.

Will calls me a “roof geek” because he thinks it’s funny (he has that lazy, simple-minded sort of humor) and because I’ve been in this industry my whole life. And yes, I have studied it deeply for years. What can I say, the technical details and science behind correct roofing appeals to me!
Roofing is done wrong so often it’s shocking. But that’s why I’m so excited about Roof Rescue, and so grateful to Will, that he wants us to do it RIGHT. It’s not the cheapest way, but it’s by far the greatest VALUE to you - because a properly installed, sealed and ventilated roof:
  • Protects your home structure from leak damage
  • Eliminates damaging, unhealthy attic moisture
  • Lowers your energy bills significantly
  • Increases your comfort with greater temperature control
So your roof (and your entire home) live a much longer, happier  life!  And that’s what we want to give to YOU.

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Because Small Roof Problems
Grow Up To Be BIG Roof Problems. . .

If you suspect your need roof repair, or you KNOW your roof needs to be replaced? There’s nothing more expensive than putting it off or ignoring it.

The Top 5 Indicators You Have A Roof Problem:

  1. There is discoloration on some of your shingles
  2. You are getting continually high energy bills
  3. There are dark stains on the wood up in your attic
  4. You can see light coming through the roof in your attic
  5. You see rotted siding or trim around your roofline

But there are other indicators you CAN’T easily see. We encourage you to let a Roof Rescue Roof Master give YOUR roof a professional examination, at no charge.

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