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Chimney Sweep Services in San Antonio, TX

At Roof Rescue, we offer our esteemed clients chimney sweep services and repair solutions at a very good price. We are fully aware of the exorbitant costs that chimney sweeps may ask for. Why pay higher bills when you can get the higher quality chimney service for a much better price? What’s better, we also offer financing options on all our projects.  Get in touch with us today and discuss your chimney service project. 

Chimney Sweep Services: Cleaning, Repair, Inspection

Chimney Sweeping

Our detailed chimney services include complete sweeping of the fireplace, getting rid of all the debris, servicing the firebox, and checking the liners and the smoke chamber. We also clean the dry vent and the chimney exterior. our chimney sweep service also provides appropriate clearance to all channels.

After the chimney sweep, we give you recommendations for proper operation to increase the life of your chimney. 

Chimney Inspection for Home Sales

A good-looking, clean and functional chimney may be easy to neglect when it comes to house sales but it’s a huge part of the buyer’s list. Roof Rescue specializes in chimney inspections for home sales. We use a state-of-the-art video inspection so that no nook or corner is left behind. We are thorough and meticulous with our work. Once the inspection is complete, we will send the inspection file to the customer in their preferred format. 

Replace Chimney Caps

Chimney caps are instrumental in protecting your chimneys from external elements and thus need good care. Often, with continued usage, chimney caps get clogged and need replacement. Our chimney sweep services also cover chimney cap replacement, either as part of a package or as a stand-alone service. 

Re-Mortar Chimneys

While bricks are what make up the structure of your chimney, the mortar that holds them together is just as important. With continued use and age, the mortar gets brittle, damaged, or washed out. As a part of Roof Rescue’s chimney services, we can also help you re-mortar your chimneys, giving your fireplace a longer life and your family years of cozy fires. 

Rebuild Chimneys

If your chimney is beyond repair and is functionally compromised, then it’s best to rebuild the entire chimney. To rebuild the chimney, you need an expert like Roof Rescue to save the day.

Roof Rescue has been in the home improvement business for decades and has the necessary expertise and the experience to rebuild chimneys with a professional team and high-quality materials. We believe in excellence when it comes to servicing our clients and so do our utmost to rebuild your chimneys in the best possible manner, without disrupting your daily life.

If you want your roofing job done professionally, cost-effectively, and efficiently, call us to get a quote! Check out our incredible Google reviews!

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