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Our ultimate goal is to be efficient and easy to work with. We provide all our customers with a clear, upfront, free estimate with great financing options. 

Roof Rescue’s Process

We do not believe in hidden costs or mid-job price changes. We commit to what we can do and give you that peace of mind. Upon approval of the estimate, we will begin as soon as fits your schedule. Your job should take days and not weeks to complete. Upon completion, we will walk the job with you, make sure all debris is picked up, and certify that you are a happy customer.

Financing Your Project

So you need a new roof but mulling over the budget constraint? Thinking to get the gutters redone but still not sure how will you pay for it?

This is your chance to plan that long-awaited maintenance project without having to worry about finances. At Roof Rescue, we offer many different financing options for San Antonio residents’ needs. 

Soft Credit Checks

Soft credit checks, also sometimes referred to as soft credit inquiries and/or soft credit pulls, are the regular checks routinely conducted by financial institutions. At Roof Rescue, you can apply for a financing option, if you have passed through our soft credit check and possess a good or at least decent credit standing. To give you an idea about what this might entail, it is about the loans you have received, your lines of credit your payment and repayment history, collections accounts, tax records, etc.

Term of Financing

Depending on the plan you choose, you can pick your own term of financing. Our financing options are available for a variety of months and vary in installments, as per your choice of plan and upfront payment. 

Approval Time

We believe in saving time and resources. Our processes are quick and simple. This is why as soon as we have your application, we start working on the soft credit checks and review your application. Our representative will contact you and discuss the options on the table for your financing. All you then have to do is sign the contract and you are done. 

Roof Rescue’s Financing Options:

We offer the following financing options for our customers in San Antonio. The financing option is available to any project, and there is NO minimum limit for the cost of the project to be financed. 

No Money Down Plans

As the name suggests, our no money down plan requires you to pay nothing upfront and divide your payments in regular easy monthly installments. To learn more, call our representative and discuss our prospects.

Low-Interest Rate Plans

Low-interest rate plans are for bigger projects, with higher financing and a longer-term of financing. We offer the lowest possible interest rate on your monthly installments so that over a longer period of time, you can pay off the entire cost of the project, without much burden on your monthly budget. Call one of our representatives and learn more about the option today. 

Low Monthly Payment Options

Another one of our financing options is the Low Monthly installment plan. You get to pay less each month, but the term of financing becomes longer. To learn more about the option, call our representative today and see if this is the plan that suits your needs. 

24 Months Same as Cash

Another great financing option is the 24-month plan. Here we offer the same rate as the cash payment you owed us at the time of the completion of your project. The plan is excellent for anyone looking to finance a high-end project that costs more upfront, and may not look affordable right now. 

If you want your roofing job done professionally, cost-effectively, and efficiently, call us to get a quote!

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